Felt Lights Shine Bright

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I am going to do my best to post a little something everyday in the month of December (a mini NaBloPoMo of sorts). I am trying not to get lost in the already busy buys December schedule. I have joined the December Photo Project this year. I did this two years (??) ago and bombed completely after a week or so because of letting the busy bury me. Not this year, I cry, not this year! My wee Bairno turned five a week ago and it was another reminder of how fast time flies.

I made this banner as a sample for the shop and I was going to sell it but some people in my house have requested I keep it. Sooo, I think I am going to offer a limited few custom orders for sale instead (a few others have requested it also).

I am already itching to start putting decorations out! December 6th will be here soon enough and I have plenty to do before then.

Xmas Felt Lights Banner

Christmas Is Coming

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See more of my December Photo Project 2011 on flickr.
And for the rest of the participants, here.


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    Nice design. It would look good in our chimney as well. But i’m currently stuffing my chimney with stockings for the kids.

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